Raum E116 


One of the main projects at Raum E116 is the creation of collective artists' books. Each one is created by different artists who were at the time living or working at the house studio. All books were created in an open work enviroment, a few were created composing a story in turns, each artist creating a page or frame, although in most of them each artist starts by drawing, writing or collaging on individual sheets, when done the sheet is placed on the center of the table and any other artist can take it and continue working. When everyone agrees, the page is taken as finished and at the end all the pages are binded together.

Each one has a different topic and certain guidelines that help unifying different artists' styles and approaches. Some have a technic constrain, like using only ink, ink and typewriter, allowing collage or not, or conceptual/formal gudelines, like structuring the narrative —or non-narrative— in cartoon frames, in a linear or non-linear way...
Each one is a vibrant, eclectic and singular piece of our experiences, a trace and reflection of the house dynamics.